Freedom Through Movement


"Mona Baker's Actionomics is an incredible tool for decreasing pain, and increasing performance, whether in athletics, dance or everyday life. Mona helped me to realize that the trauma from an auto accident months prior to the onset of my pain was at the core of my discomfort, and through Actionomics patented movement therapy methodology, she was able to decrease my pain and help my body begin to heal from within. I was able to refocus on healing my body through the core of my movement, rather than by only using drugs that temporarily alleviate the pain. I am tremendously grateful to Mona for helping me to better understand the relationship between my joints, and teaching me to move through Actionomics."

Karen D. - Former Dancer & Auto Crash Victim


"I experienced an epiphany in my body. Actionomics is a blend of reforming movement to enhance healing. I recommend for all who are searching for answers to healing old injuries or just to enhance healthy moving."

Robin K. - Dance Educator


"Actionomics will help with freedom and expression in all body movement."

Alice S. - Dance Educator, Professional Dancer


"Mona Baker has been positively influencing dancers for many years with her educational movement methodology called Actionomics. She has taught my students to have a clear understanding of where their joints are and how to use them correctly. This has allowed them to feel more freedom in their movement and become more expressive dancers."

Deborah V., Maestro Cechetti Diploma, Dance Educator


"Thanks for letting us share the benefit's of your friend's(Mona Baker) knowledge of the human body. We all need many sessions with her. I sure wished she lived up here!! I wanted to let Mona know that my run that day was great. I thought as I ran about shifting my weight from one leg to the other. I doing this it made my stride much stronger. I actually at first thought that it would make my time faster, but as I continued I knew that would not be the case as I was working a little harder to run with the proper form I found my muscles were having to adjust and get tired. But I did actually cut a minute off the previous day's run. My hips/pelvis felt was opened up more. My foot felt great. I actually felt like my foot didn't fit the same in my shoe."

Kelly C., Manchester, New Hampshire


"If I were to describe Mona Baker and the work that she does in one word, that word would be patience. Ms. Baker is a fantastic listener and is incredibly patient with her clients. She will work with you until you understand what she's trying to help you with and won't get angry or upset if it takes all day., Ms Baker is fantastic and teaching at your pace."

Dylan H., Harding University, Searcy, AR, Football player