Freedom Through Movement

Actionomics Dance

Actionomics Dance is a specialized performance & injury prevention method.  Every dancer may aspire to reach an optimal level of technical and expressive performance.  However, with such demands on the physical body and so much variety of approach, both peak performance and injury prevention are difficult to achieve.  No matter what your focus, be it professional or casual investment, injury prevention is an important component of success in the field of dance.

At Actionomics, we offer both individual and group classes to introduce the dancer to the following concepts:

  • How to utilize joint structure and function to reach peak performance
  • How to facilitate injury recovery and prevent injuries before they begin
  • The importance of breath and shape in dance positions and steps
  • The importance of that initial movement in any dance sequence
  • Developmental patterns and body organizations 

Session lengths can be 1 to 1.5 hours depending on whether it's a group or private class.  Please contact us to set up a session.  We can come to you or operate out of our local dance studio!