Freedom Through Movement

Actionomics Sport

Actionomics Sport is an opportunity for athletes and sports enthusiasts to take their game to a higher level!  Utilizing the patented Actionomics Method and JRA, Actionomics Sport brings focus to precisely how to organize the body to produce results.  Want to improve your service motion or hit better forehands?  Want to glide around the field, improve your throwing, or maximize your speed?  Performance and mastery are what we can deliver; at the same time, the name of the game in a long career or sports enthusiast's life is injury prevention.  We can deliver that too.


Actionomics Sports are tailored, private classes focusing on specific training outcomes.  Classes are and hour to and hour and a half in length and are customized to the mover.  

Actionomics Tennis is an especially advanced area of focus.  Contact us today to set up a lesson.